Watch Madonna and Lady Gaga performance at Saturday Night Live video here(above).

Believe it or not, they start fighting after Lady Gaga said to Madonna "Guess what Madonna I'm totally hotter than you!"

"Guess what I'm totally taller than you," reply Madonna and added with "What kind of name is Lady Gaga. It sounds like baby food..."

"The kind that's No. 1 on the Billboard charts," Lady Gaga reply fighting on Madonna.

The first TV encounter of Madonna and Lady Gaga came during "Saturday Night Live" this week, when the Material Girl appeared unannounced in a Deep House Dish skit alongside the contemporary hitmaker when a similar bizarre visual bent.

A few bars into a song and dance number, Madonna grabbed Lady Gaga's blonde hair and here was one of those cliched hair-pulling catfights in skimpy outfits.

"What the hell is a disco stick?" she demanded. ( This fighting shows on video. Watch now? )

The dance number didn't seem to go as planned. Lady Gaga sang while Madonna didn't. It didn't matter -- seeing them together was the big thing.

Invited to sit on the couch, they continued their fake fighting.


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