Hot News and video!!Jennifer Hudson news. Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother found dead at their home after gunned down at South Side of Chicago in Friday. Police confirm investigating on Hudson's mothers 57 year old and Jason Hudson 29 year old. There is also 7 year old boy Hudson nephew is missing in the scene right now.

And now, William Balfour, 27, is in custody after police is suspected, in double-homicide of singer-actress Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother today. Balfour also suspected in missing of Hudson's nephew the 7 year old boy, Julian King. Please be alert on boy who is 5′ tall, 130 pounds, last seen wearing a tan polo shirt and khaki pants. And the damn story is Balfour is refusing to tell authorities where the boy that is Hudson's nephew right now.

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  1. Polly // November 10, 2008 at 1:17 AM  

    I think the killer is an animal: three lifes! I can't understand it. RIP and many loves for Jennifer and her family. Jennifer Hudson buries family

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