For the person watching this kidnapped story of the little girl, for sure want to watch the trailer first. Watch the full of the trailer that ready can be download of full movie.

Delimar Vera was raised by her father's cousin and for six more years can recall and remind the story that really grabbed national headlines hot topics four years ago.

Productions of film: Lifetime in association with TF-1 International.
Film Executive producers: Paul A. Kaufman, Harvey Kahn, Joey Plager, Larry Thompson. Writers: Christopher Canaan, Maria Nation.
Director: Paul A. Kaufman.
Cast: Judy Reyes, Ana Ortiz, A Martinez, Hector Luis Bustamante, Marlene Forte, Jillian Bruno, Anthony Harrison, David Canales-Zorrilla, Chris Duran, Alejandro Chavarria.
Director of photography: Mathais Herndl.
Production designers: Peter Andringa, Hitoshi Okamoto.
Costume designer: Carmen Bonzelius.
Editor: Lisa Binkley.
Casting: Donald Pemrick, Candice Elzinga.

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