Hot News!! DO you know who is Elizabeth Bathory? Watch this Hungarian Countess video,which from the renowned Bathory family. The family is famous for defending Hungary against the Ottoman Turks. She is known as the most infamous serial killer in central Europian history and is remembered as the "Blood Countess".

The filmmakers and cast of Blood Scarab will be on hand for a midnight screening tonight at the Music Box Theatre. And just what is Blood Scarab, you ask? I quote the Music Box's description: "To exist in daylight, Elizabeth Bathory, the infamous Blood Countess and widow of the legendary vampire Count Dracula, makes a monstrous blood-pact with the Egyptian goddess Hathor -- one that involves three lovely victims plus a living Mummy!" IMDb adds the helpful tidbit that the Blood Countess is also a lesbian. Throw in some rocketships and dinosaurs and you've got the best guy movie ever made.

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